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Emergency Services: 24 hours 365 days 1300 381 381

24 Hour Emergency Response

RCC National's Emergency Response team is committed to providing a 24 hour, 7 day a week professional service. This includes attendance to any type of building emergency repair to secure the site, ensure safety and prevent further damage. Services provided:

  • Re-instatement of critical services, including water, electrical and gas
  • Secure damaged doors, windows and locks
  • Temporary roof repairs and tarping
  • Temporary fencing of hazardous areas
  • Securing collapsed ceilings
  • Tree removal
  • Asbestos and other hazardous material containment and disposal
  • Structural support after impact
  • Contents salvage
  • Property restoration, including water extraction, structural drying and mould remediation  

Following the completion of the emergency response a detailed make safe report and photographs are generated for the insurance claim process. 

Secure Premises

Secure Premises


Experienced Trades

Rapid Response

Re-instatement of Water

Re-instatement of Services